Why Should I Take The PADI Open Water Course

//Why Should I Take The PADI Open Water Course

Why Should I Take The PADI Open Water Course

There are several reasons to get scuba certified, and this article looks at the major reasons why you should get certified on the PADI Open Water Course, the introductory course for would-be divers. For those who love the ocean, enjoy being in the water, and when on holidays can’t wait to get in the water with your snorkel and mask to get a view of what it looks like underneath the oceans glittering surface.

Some may wonder if it is compulsory you are scuba certified before you can dive? Yes, you do! Attempting to go diving without the necessary certification is just as good as taking a car for a drive without being trained on its use. Below, we take a look at some of the major reasons why you should take the PADI Open Water Course.

  1. Hone Navigation Skills

During the PADI Open Water Course, you learn some basic navigation skills which enables you to swim and navigate underwater. This course gives you a basic guide of the skills you need to navigate accurately over low and medium distances using kick-cycles, time and visual landmarks. This skill is particularly important during low visibility or at night and will help guide you to safety if you lose your dive partner.

  1. Learn Buoyancy Control

One of the most important skills a diver could wish to have, buoyancy control would probably be the most important of the lot. Perfecting buoyancy control helps the diver get and balance their weight and control their breathing. Once buoyancy control is established, the diver can forget about the mechanics of diving and focus on enjoying the dive.

  1. Learn to Breathe Underwater

One of the most essential skills needed for diving is knowing how to manage air supply underwater. Often, going underwater, there’s a limited amount of air which your scuba tank can contain so a diver would need to know how much to use at a particular time.

  1. Use and Understand Scuba Diving Gear

During the PADI Open Water Course, a diver learns to use the basic and essential scuba diving gear as well as read dive tables and use a basic compass.

During the PADI Open Water Course, would-be divers are exposed to several gears, and this exposure helps them plan dives better and make the most of the time spent underwater. Depending on your specialist dive options, you will get your hands on more gear.

  1. Use it as a Gateway to more Adventures

Statistically, completing the PADI Open Water Course means that diving is more likely to become a long-term activity rather than just a vacation fling. The skills and experience get in the course of the PADI Open Water Course go a long way in giving the diver access to more areas underneath the surface of the water.

For divers in Dublin, which this blog is in some ways geared towards, they can take a diving course in several of the dive schools scattered around the city. Although a popular choice for most divers is the Emerald Diving School which has a long established history of training persons interested in diving in the PADI Open Water Course.

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