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Learn to scuba dive at the with Emerald Diving Ireland. We are a Scubapro Educational Association Member.

Emerald Diving Ireland is proud to announce its award as Ireland’s first Scubapro Educational Association Dive Centre – After passing the scuba manufacturing giant’s strict qualifications and standards for safety and equipment. S.E.A is Scubapro’s dive centre programme in which each centre is “committed to providing quality diving experiences and is engaged in a partnership with Scubapro to ensure high-quality standards are constantly met”.

All S.E.A diving centres qualify for the status by offering a variety of choices and opportunities accessible to all prospective and current divers, enabling underwater enthusiasts to earn how to dive or discover new diving spots… or to just perfect those already top diving skills.

The goal of each S.E.A centre and Instructor is that you are completely confident underwater and enjoy each dive, resurfacing with a smile”, says Scubapro.

S.E.A centres must fulfil specific safety qualifications, organisation and equipment standards set by Scubapro. They are committed and required to offer very recent Scubapro equipment, serviced at least annually, in order to maintain Scubapro’s high level of performance for relics and enjoyable diving experiences and time of the year.

Brian Herron, Emerald Diving Ireland Master scuba diver trainer said: “The care of our diving equipment and being able to offer the best dive kit to our divers and students have always been a top priority. Becoming a Scubapro S.E.A centre is a great achievement and is just the next step as we try and make Emerald Diving Ireland the best centre to come Scuba Diving within Ireland”