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Diving Cylinder Inspection and Testing

Since 2006 all test houses carrying out Inspection and Testing of diving cylinders in Ireland are now part of the IDEST (Inspectorate for Diving Equipment Service & Testing) organisation and their Inspectors are accredited under UKAS for approval of such activities and regularly audit Inspection and Test houses both here and in the UK to ensure continued competency against the various standards of periodic inspection and testing of seamless transportable cylinders as used in Diving. A list of these test houses in Ireland can be seen at www.sita.org.uk.

Only accredited test houses can inspect, test and issue cylinder inspection labels. If a diving cylinder does not bear an IDEST inspection stamp and label it has not been tested according to legislation and will in all likelihood not be filled by a compressed air station.

Emerald Diving Ireland Limited has been an IDEST test house since 2016 and has a registered test house mark for diving cylinders of 8Y which is stamped on all diving cylinders after inspection and/or retest.

A diving cylinder must be inspected visually every two and half years and undergo a retest every 5 years from its date of manufacture.